What stimulates brain development in children?

Certain areas of the brain develop more rapidly in adolescence in people who experienced stress in early childhood.

Stress caused by illness or, for example, divorce of parents, stimulates the development of the prefrontal cortex in adolescence. Such conclusions were reached by Dutch scientists.

Researchers from the University of Radbud devoted twenty years to study the development and behavior of almost 130 children from their infancy. They evaluated how children interact with their parents and peers, and analyzed the brain using magnetic resonance imaging.

The studies found that stress contributes to the development of some parts of the brain during adolescence. Scientists believe that this is an evolutionary process. In ancient times, people sought to grow up earlier for food and reproduction of offspring.

However, there is also the downside of this amazing discovery. According to researchers, earlier mature children can be less effective and not as quickly as their peers to socialize.

Recall that Harvard University scientists after a number of experiments have concluded that the risk of serious disease is higher in people with blood type AB (IV) Rh with negative rhesus. According to studies, people with this blood group have more problems with memory and thinking than others. They are more likely to suffer from strokes and dementia, and in this group the risk of dementia is 82% higher.