What will the protests in the USA turn out for Trump

10 months ago

Trump, it seems, has already begun to explain why he will lose the upcoming elections. “This will be the most rigged election in US history,” he wrote on his Twitter. In all, of course, the Democrats who “cheat, rob and steal”, and also COVID-19 will be to blame.

Already, the current president is 10 percent behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The main thing for him now is to find the culprit in the inevitable fiasco. Trump is well aware that it was he who drove people to work to save the American economy and improve his ratings. But on the other hand, his opponents – the Democrats – also drove people out into the streets.

Houston, the city where African-American George Floyd was buried in a golden coffin 17 days ago, became the new epicenter of the spread of coronavirus in the United States. Here in broad daylight they are trying to demolish the monument to President Jackson directly opposite the White House. This time the police managed to defend the monument, but now the protesters are demanding that the seventh president be removed from all 20-dollar bills.

Michael Schower, who recently led the CIA’s special unit to capture and destroy Osama bin Laden. Now he is retired, lives in his mansion in the forests of Virginia, from where he watches as a boat is storming under the name of the USA.

Michael Schoer, former head of the special unit of the CIA: “We are now looking at a situation that reminds America of 1860–61 – these are times of the civil war. “Democrats are very unhappy with the republic in which people are trying to uphold traditional values.”

The other day, minority representatives joined the anti-government protests. Donald Trump this week seems to have lost the voice of the LGBP community in America. The fact is that he refused to support the holding of the annual so-called month of pride – this is when a wave of gay parades goes around the States.

And it seems that on an American boat that has breached, everyone now wants to paddle in their own direction. Even after the election of Trump, it was clear: America is divided, but now the ball is ruled by real chaos. However, the ex-Senator from Virginia, Richard Black is sure: all the failures that have been plaguing the US President in recent years will eventually turn into an election trump card in his sleeve.

Richard Black, ex-senator: “Acts of violence are taking place in cities, because of this, people feel unsafe, they are afraid. And we do not have politicians who go against the rioting crowd. And only Trump does it. Therefore, for their own safety, people will find a protector in him. ”

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again began to bully China. He called the Middle Kingdom the main threat to the American people, and already on Friday announced the imposition of sanctions against Chinese officials.

The White House is now actively discussing an unprecedented step – the ability to refuse to fulfill debt obligations to China. At stake is an astronomical sum of more than $ 1 trillion. Such, according to the president of the United States, should be the price paid by the Celestial Empire for the coronavirus pandemic.

China is the largest holder of an American public debt. Journalists from Hong Kong’s oldest English-language newspaper claim that Beijing may succumb to US Treasury bonds in response to U.S. actions. If this happens, then, as many leading economists assure, a financial apocalypse will come on the US securities market, and the dollar may depreciate altogether.

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