What you can’t eat with coronavirus – the therapist’s answer

Coronavirus Pandemium Coconif-19 has covered the planet, today, unfortunately, more and more people are receiving a positive test. Fortunately, not everyone needs to be hospitalized – many people carry the virus in a mild form, and isolation is enough.

But even if you have caught the cowid and stay at home, it is important to help the body cope with the infection. First of all, it is important to keep a proper diet.

First of all, you should completely abandon alcoholic drinks and salty food. Doctor recommends maintaining water and salt balance. The patient needs an abundant drink.

He also noted that salt can lead to thick blood, which is very bad for coronavirus infection.

If we talk about alcoholic beverages, they promote rapid dehydration, and this is extremely dangerous in case of disease.

Salt removes the liquid component in the tissue, and the blood vessels begin to thicken. Liquid they lose, but they acquire a large number of blood cells, and if a person has picked up an unfortunate Chinese virus, it can affect his condition.