What’s The Joker Tattoo Meaning On TikTok

A new trend in tattoos called Joker Tattoo’ is trending across TikTok with users attempting about its meaning. If you’re among the users wanting to understand what is meant when someone creates the Joker tattoo, we’ve covered it all. We have listed below all the information about what Joker Tattoo means and why is it trending on a video-sharing platform.

Tattoos are regarded as art to show your true self. Tattoos are often done for some reason. Some choose to do it as an intention to commemorate something or someone in their lives, while some tattoos are to express something they’ve been buried within them for a very long time. However, Tattoos are an amazing means to express yourself.

Since the launch of TikTok in the year 2000, we’ve seen numerous Tattoo designs that became viral through the application. Of all these tattoos, the most recent was a “Semicolon” design which revealed some details about someone’s life. It was about the time that someone in their life made the decision to take a suicide attempt.

The tattoo became popular on TikTok app , and many users have discussed the tattoo on the video sharing app. The tattoo with the same meaning Joker Tattoo is available on TikTok as users start trying about its meaning. To help users, we have provided all the details regarding this popular tattoo design.

What Is The Meaning Of Joker Tattoo On TikTok?

Jokers are people who can make people laugh and keep them happy. However, the purpose of the Joker Tattoo is contrary.

In explaining the reasoning of this tattoo TikTok creator @short-mort posted a response in reply to a post which read, “What does the Joker tattoo mean”. He explained that the Joker tattoo is a symbol of “Lack of love, abandonment or neglect.”

The Tattoo is created when one is completely absorbed in oneself. Many people get these tattoos to convey their feelings regarding any type of relationship with family, romance, or even just with their friends.

Therefore, the significance of the meaning of a Joker Tattoo is not about joy, but rather about sorrow and lack of love and abandonment. It describes how someone is perceived as a joker others. It discusses the way a person feels left out by someone else after having shared a number of happy moments.

The phrase Joker Tattoo has gone so widespread that it’s now an extremely popular hashtag.

Joker Tattoo Meaning TikTok

The Joker tattoo was actually inspired by the tragic stories of the supervillain. For those who don’t know anything about Supervillain it is the result of childhood trauma. He’s the most tragic anti-hero that suffered immense suffering throughout his childhood.

In the show the character is performed in the series by Jared Leto. Jared Leto is depicted as a psychopath who has an unsettling sense of humor. But, his personality was formed by his previous experiences. The story of his abandonment attracted a lot of people and that’s why they came up with the idea that Joker Tattoo.

Many TikTok customers have had this tattoos applied to their hands as well as on their body.

A similar tattoo which became viral on TikTok was the Medusa Tattoo. The idea behind the tattoo is based on Medusa that was sentenced after being beaten by Poseidon at the temple of Athena. Medusa got punished by Athena through the transformation into a monster that had snagged hair.

Now, however, the Medusa tattoos are being used to draw attention to sexual assault. Many ladies on TikTok have posted Medusa Tattoos as a symbol of both victims and survivors of assault.

The Last Words

This article was about the significance of the trending Joker Tattoo on TikTok. We hope you’ve got all the info you need to be aware of.

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