WhatsApp can block most subscribers

WhatsApp can block most subscribers

Team WhatsApp plans to change the user agreement in 2021.

The need to make adjustments representatives of the messenger explained the changes in policy of the “parent” company Facebook. TechRadar informs about this.

Subscribers should determine the appropriateness of further use of WhatsApp by February 8, 2021. Those who refuse to follow the new rule are threatened with “excommunication” from the messenger.

The administration of WhatsApp also came up with a way to impose the messenger services without advertising. For this purpose, a method of sending so-called “information messages” about the implemented innovations through a special application (a “banner” pop-up message with the description of new conditions and the option to check in case of consent) has been developed.

Other details are kept secret for the time being. The new feature is currently being tested.