WhatsApp updates the desktop version of the app

WhatsApp updates the desktop version of the app

Messenger WhatsApp supports voice and video calls in its Android and iOS mobile apps.

Soon, the Windows and browser versions will provide this feature. Now the developers are actively working on the implementation of these features.

According to sources, the possibility of making voice and video calls appeared in the beta versions of the desktop application WhatsApp and web-client.

Testing of the new tools is taking place with a limited number of users.

Two new buttons became available to test participants, which can be used to make a voice or video call.

The user who takes the call has a pop-up window with the caller’s name, the image of his avatar, and buttons for accepting and rejecting the call. In the case of a video call, a similar pop-up window appears, which also has a button to enable/disable the camera.

It is noted that the date of the appearance of voice and video calls in the stable versions of WhatsApp has not yet been announced, but it may happen in the next few weeks.