When a computer starts to “age” – experts

When a computer starts to "age" - experts

If the computer does not show any signs of life at all, it is likely to be “hopelessly outdated”.

Head of IT-department Eugene Chertok called the signs of obsolescence of the computer. According to him, in the case of functional obsolescence on the computer can still work, even if not with the desired performance. However, in the second case, this is a big question.

“Moral, or otherwise, functional obsolescence is a question of both image and technological problem. That is, the device may still be quite working, but there is no pleasure in working with it,” the expert explained.

According to Chertok, technical obsolescence is when “iron” begins to “junk”. For example, when the thermal paste between the processor and the cooler dries out and falls apart or the cooler gets clogged and stops working, as well as programs hang up and the “operation” falls down.

However, an old or broken computer should not be thrown away. The devil advised to put on it a more powerful processor, to increase the amount of memory or install a game video card. Replacing the mechanical hard drive with an SSD (solid state drive) or replacing the entire stuffing of the PC will also help.