When the man’s business closed due to quarantine, he made 500 trips for food for the elderly

11 months ago

The owner of a baguette shop in New Jersey has not been able to manage his business since the end of March due to quarantine. Instead, he made over 500 trips to the store — for free — to bring food to older people at greater risk for coronavirus.

Delivery is not a new activity for Greg Daily. He got up at 4 a.m. every morning to deliver newspapers over the past 25 years. This was the second work for him, and now has become a real gesture of charity. It all started with the fact that the 88-year-old woman asked him to throw a newspaper closer to her door so that she would not have to go far. A few days later, in line at the grocery store, Greg thought about her again. “If she can’t walk 20 feet to get her newspaper, how does she get groceries?” Greg told CNN. “So I called her and asked if she needed anything.”

Extremely grateful for his request, she asked the man to pick up one small order for her and one for the neighbor across the street. It was then that Greg thought about hundreds of other elderly people on his route, so he decided to offer his services in a note attached to each newspaper he delivered. The need turned out to be huge, and soon Greg’s wife, three children and mother-in-law began to help him in every possible way: to answer phone calls and make purchases on their own. His 24-year-old daughter Erin created a spreadsheet system to track orders, right down to the discount codes for each customer.

Greg and Erin have been working every day since March, except Easter Sunday. Greg hopes to open his shop for baguettes and frames this month, but despite this, plans to do everything possible to continue to help older people. “He has a good heart and a great soul. Such people go straight to paradise, ”said local resident Joan Koppinger.

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