Where the world’s most expensive flats are for sale has been revealed

Where the world's most expensive flats are for sale has been revealed

In some cities, the cost of an ordinary flat is so high that the average person is unlikely ever to become a happy owner of their own home.

As it turns out, the most expensive city on the planet by this indicator is Hong Kong. A typical flat costs at least $1 million and $250,000.

Not surprisingly, as Hong Kong is one of the financial centres of the world.

Few people know that just over 20 years ago the metropolis was part of Great Britain. It wasn’t until 1997 that it officially became part of China.
However, Hong Kong takes care of its environment: about a third of the territory is covered by forests.

Since it is the world’s centre of business and finance, English even has the status of an official language.

The second most expensive place to live is Germany’s Munich. For the purchase of an ordinary flat will have to shell out an average of one million dollars.

Completes the top three leaders of Singapore, for a flat in which you need to pay a little more than 900 thousand dollars.

Earlier, the international community of foreign workers (expats) InterNations Expat Insider 2020 ranked the cities most suitable for the life of foreign workers.

In first place was Valencia. Residents of this city speak positively about the climate, level of medical care, quality of life, affordability of housing, friendliness of locals and opportunities for sports activities.