11 months ago

Which children are harder to tolerate coronavirus infection

11 months ago

As reality shows, not only adults are infected with a new coronavirus. Among children of different ages, cases of infection with this virus are also recorded, and in some categories of children this virus causes the development of severe forms of COVID-19.

In a new study, published by the JAMA Pediatrics publication, doctors turn their attention to the fact that children who are overweight are much more vulnerable to coronavirus and also often develop various kinds of complications.

After studying more than fifty severe forms of the course of coronavirus infection in children from New York, experts noticed that the most serious conditions were in children (11 people), which amounted to 20% who were obese. Among young children who were overweight, six out of nine children needed mechanical ventilation. A drop in blood oxygen level led to death in one child.

Scientists also noted that despite the development of severe conditions, among 50 children, the presence of symptoms corresponding to Kawasaki disease was not recorded. A study of the immune system among children did not reveal a risk of developing a cytokine storm, which is good news.

“Despite the fact that the immune system of children does not respond as much to coronavirus as it does to adults, and their chances of dying from coronavirus infection are extremely small, it should be understood that the presence of obesity can be the main risk factor that caused the severe course of COVID-19” “Said Dr. Michael Grosso, head of the pediatric unit at Huntington Hospital in New York.

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