Which parts of New York City have the highest coronavirus mortality rates?

12 months ago

Statistics released by the Department of Health this week showed which parts of New York City have the highest coronavirus deaths. According to the report, some of them were almost 15 times more affected than others.

According to Reuters analysis, COVID-19 hit hardest the areas with high density of African and Latin American populations. Thus, in Gramercy Park (Manhattan), where mostly live white and wealthy New Yorkers, recorded only 31 fatal case of coronavirus per 100 thousand people. In Far Rockaway (Queens), where 40% of the population is African-Americans, the figures were quite different: 444 fatal cases per 100,000 people. The highest mortality rate was in Canarsie-Flatlands (Brooklyn), known for its large number of subsidized housing. Here, there are 612 deaths from COVID-19 per 100,000 people.

According to Mark Levine of the City Health Council, the increased mortality rate among African and Hispanics is due to the fact that they are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases and, due to low income, are more likely to accept low-paid jobs in the service sector or on the front line – thus being at risk. “This is simply terrible and should give the authorities rich food for thought. – Levine stressed in an interview with Reuters – We knew there was a problem of inequality in the city, but the statistics showed that it was even worse than we thought. To date, 191,073 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in New York City. According to confirmed data, at least 15,983 of those cases have been fatal.

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