Which US state is the most armed

I came across an interesting study on the Internet and decided to share its results with you.

A group of American researchers calculated how many Americans own weapons and how the situation is distributed among individual States.

I must say right away that the study was done back in 2015, and the data on the owners were taken for 2013, so the situation may already have changed, although I think not so much.

In general, statistics show that almost one in three Americans (more precisely 29.1%) owns their own weapons. Moreover, many own several trunks at once.

The most unarmed states are in the North-East of the country, this is the so-called New England. Delaware – 5.2%, Rhode Island – 5.8%, New York – 10.3%, New Jersey – 11.3%.

At the other end of the ranking are such states as Alaska – 61.7%, Arkansas – 57.9%, Idaho – 56.9%, West Virginia – 54.2%, Wyoming – 53.8%, Montana – 52.3%.

In Texas, the state of cowboys, which is usually associated with the armed population, only 35.7% of the inhabitants own guns. On the other hand, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are northern and not very populated states, while Texas is second only to California in terms of population.