While the Sussexes are at war with the Air Force: Elizabeth II tired of putting up with the couple’s antics

The birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter has made a lot of noise. And it’s not because the girl was born in America, far from the royal family. The real battles heated up because of the name of the heiress: She was named Lilibeth in honor of Elizabeth II. She was given this nickname as a child, and then called so by those close to her. The media circulated various rumors as to whether the queen was aware of the name for the girl.

American media wrote that Prince Harry consulted with his grandmother before naming his daughter, while the BBC, meanwhile, wrote the opposite: they say the queen is furious because the couple did not tell her about their plans. The Sussexs even intend to sue the publication because of false, in their opinion, articles.

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According to The Sun, the queen is tired of silently tolerating the antics of Meghan and Harry. The last straw was the statements of the couple’s representative that the girl had already been shown to her great-grandmother via video link.
An insider told the Mail that in fact “no video call was actually made,” adding, “Representatives for the Sussex’s seem to have given statements to the press that are misleading. The Palace cannot ignore these words because they are untrue.”

The queen has now ordered courtiers to correct statements that misrepresent private conversations between her or other high-ranking members of the royal family, the Mail on Sunday reported. A source told the publication that the queen will respond vigorously to statements by Harry and Meghan and their entourage going forward, “It’s about whether what’s being reported is an accurate version of what actually happened.”

While the Sussexes are at war with the Air Force: Elizabeth II tired of putting up with the couple's antics

To recap, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became parents for the second time on June 6. The couple had a daughter named Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.