White House gender wage gap worse than аmerican average

According to an analysis by the non-profit organization The 19th, the gender pay gap in the White House is worse than the national average.

The analysis showed that salaries in the Donald Trump administration (Donald Trump) have a difference of $ 33,300 between the average salary of men and women. This year, the average salary for male employees was about $ 106,000, while for female employees it was only $ 72,700.

Statistics show that women in administration earn about 69 cents per dollar for men, less than the national gender pay gap of 82 cents per dollar.

However, both national and White House figures reflect a “gross” gender pay gap that does not take into account workers’ experience, education, status, or other factors affecting financial income. This gap is determined by “top-down decisions regarding the valuation of women’s work and their pay”.

It is noted that women in the Barack Obama administration were paid between 84 and 89 cents for every dollar earned by men.