White House in quarantine: Trump infected with coronavirus

Donald Trump has contracted the coronavirus but is doing well and continues to work. The US President’s physician said that “patient # 1” is recovering. According to Trump himself, he and his wife Melania isolated themselves in the White House.

US President Donald Trump’s physician, Sean Conley, said his patient would continue to work during treatment for COVID-19. According to the Associated Press, Trump had previously announced that he had contracted the coronavirus.

“Rest assured, I expect the President to continue to perform his duties without interruption while he is on the mend,” Conley said.

According to him, Trump and his wife Melania are doing well and are on self-isolation in the White House.

“Like so many Americans this year, US President Donald Trump and I will quarantine at home after testing positive for coronavirus. We feel good, I have postponed all upcoming meetings. Please, protect yourself, we will go through this together, “- wrote Melania Trump on Twitter.

The President of the United States himself announced that he was diagnosed with a coronavirus, and a couple of hours before that COVID-19 was confirmed by his first adviser Hope Hicks.

In May, the coronavirus was found in the then press secretary of US Vice President Michael Pence, Katie Miller, and subsequently the diagnosis was confirmed by Trump’s National Security Assistant Robert O’Brien. Subsequently, a little over a week later, he recovered and returned to work in the administration.

On August 4, Donald Trump announced that the coronavirus pandemic in the United States is losing ground. “We’re starting to see evidence of significant progress. An encouraging sign that the virus is receding, ”said the head of the White House.

On September 22, US presidential candidate, ex-Vice President Joe Biden said that Trump was unable to maintain his composure in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and did not take the necessary measures to combat it, so America has suffered more severely than any other country.

The Johns Hopkins University website states that by October 2, more than 7.27 million cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the United States, more than 207 thousand people died as a result of the epidemic. For both indicators, the country ranks first in the world.

A few days earlier, Joe Biden said Trump was responsible for the high number of deaths of people with coronavirus in the country. He stressed that the American leader does not even try to pretend that he is doing his job. According to Biden, Trump does not understand what it means to be president.

“More than 200 thousand people died in the last six months. <…> So many lives have been lost because the only thing that worries the president is the stock markets and elections, ”Biden said.

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In response, Trump noted that Biden should not criticize his actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the head of the White House, Biden, while serving as vice president, coped with the swine flu pandemic much worse than he did with the coronavirus.

“Look at sleepy Joe (as Trump calls his rival. – Gazeta.Ru), how did they cope with the swine flu? It was a failure, a nightmare, ”Trump said.

Earlier, Joe Biden, in an interview with CNN, criticized American leader Donald Trump for “false masculinity” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “He is a fool, an absolute fool … Presidents should lead, not engage in stupid things and display false masculinity. It costs human lives, ”Biden said.

The CNN journalist who spoke with him recalled that earlier at the ceremony on the occasion of the commemoration day, Trump appeared without a mask, and Biden was wearing a mask and sunglasses. At the same time, soon in his Twitter account, the US President published a photo of a democrat in a mask – according to an employee of the TV channel, in this way Trump wanted to “belittle” Biden and show “the weakness of his opponent.”

At the same time, Biden’s appearance in public was the first in a long time, he had spent more than a month in his home, while Trump was relatively active in meeting with his supporters and traveling around the country.

For the first time, a US president donned a medical mask during a visit to the Ford auto plant in Michigan.

Trump showed reporters a cloth mask, but did not wear it. “I didn’t want to give the press so much pleasure and show myself in it,” said the American leader, noting that the mask “looks cute”.