White House prepares to tell the nation that COVID-19 will become part of life

The White House plans to make a statement to the entire American people that the virus will not disappear in the near future and, in general, will become part of life. American authorities are preparing people for the fact that with the coronavirus they will have to learn how to live.

The president’s chief advisers will defend the way forward, despite the virus. This also concerns the issue of elections in November – they need to be held, despite the epidemic. Officials plan to promote therapeutic drugs, emphasizing that the risk of dying from the virus is low.

Authorities also plan to focus on the survival of Americans in a specific age group that does not have chronic diseases. Another official indicated that coronavirus task force meetings and public briefings would become more frequent.

In the US, another record of new cases was set on Friday – 52,300 per day, according to Johns Hopkins University.