White House threatens US Congress with Trump’s refusal to sign defense budget

White House threatens US Congress with Trump's refusal to sign defense budget

US head of state Donald Trump will be advised not to sign the US defense budget for 2021 unless the document is amended, the White House said.
It is emphasized that the draft budget contains “provisions that give rise to serious concerns.” In particular, the White House is against the “renaming of certain military facilities.” If no changes are made to the document, Trump’s “leading advisers” will “recommend vetoing him.”
The White House also objects to “prescriptive restrictions on the use of funds for Afghanistan.” This part of the document limits the president’s right to reduce the American contingent in Afghanistan.

The provision regarding the military presence in Germany also displeases the US administration, it “will prohibit the closure of any base or facility under the European Consolidation Initiative until the Secretary of Defense confirms that there is no longer a need for a rotational presence of troops in the European direction.” The White House believes that this approach “contradicts the powers of the president as commander-in-chief.”

In addition, the Trump administration is opposed to legislators’ demands for a feasibility assessment of the use of low-enriched uranium in shipborne nuclear reactors. This will create difficulties for the Pentagon to purchase nuclear weapons and to produce plutonium cores for nuclear weapons.

We will remind, Trump opposed the renaming of the US military bases, named after the military leaders of the Confederation, and said that he “does not care about the opinion of the military” on this score.

The House of Representatives and the Senate of the US Congress prepare their versions of the budget, then they are consolidated into a single document that must be approved by the US President.