WHO accused of misinterpreting coronavirus data

11 months ago

Leading Swedish virologist Anders Tegnell, who advocated the rejection of strict restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic in favor of a mass immunity strategy, accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of misinterpreting the country’s incidence of infection. About this writes the Daily Mail.

According to the expert, WHO included Sweden in the list of 11 countries with a “dangerous revival” of the incidence, misinterpreting the data. He called it “a complete misunderstanding” and explained that the surge in the number of cases of infection over the past week is associated with more thorough testing of the population, while the number of hospitalizations and deaths from coronavirus throughout the country is declining, which does not indicate a worsening situation in Sweden. but about the recession of the epidemic. Tegnell added that WHO officials did not contact the Swedish authorities on this issue.

At the same time, he emphasized that such an erroneous interpretation of the data could strike Sweden against the backdrop of the current discussion of the lifting of travel restrictions for Europeans.

Sweden’s refusal to impose a tight restrictive world because of the pandemic has become a topic of international debate. In the country today, a total of 68 390 cases of COVID-19 disease have been recorded, 5230 patients have died. This is higher than the indicators of other countries of Northern Europe, however, the Swedish economy managed to even show growth in the first half of the year.

According to Johns Hopkins University, by Friday morning, June 26, the total number of coronavirus infected in the world reached 9,588,717. The increase in the number of infected per day amounted to 179.9 thousand. Over the entire period of the pandemic, 488,842 infected people died, 4.82 million people recovered.

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