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WHO announces new coronavirus outbreak in Europe

WHO announces new coronavirus outbreak in Europe

Last week, in Europe, for the first time in several months, an increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus infection was recorded in seven days, said Hans Kluge, director of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization.

According to him, over the past two weeks, disappointing dynamics in COVID-19 was observed in 30 countries of the region. In 11 of them, the accelerated spread of the virus can lead to a resumption of the epidemic. If you do not stop the process, it will again push the health systems of these European countries to the brink of an abyss, the organization’s representative said.

As noted by Kluge, he already said that there is a risk of new outbreaks of the disease as states remove the previously imposed restrictions.

“In some European countries, this risk has already become a reality,” he stressed.

At the same time, Kluge indicated that in Poland, Germany, Spain and Israel, authorities quickly responded to the increasing number of new cases of the disease.

He noted that Europeans began to take a more responsible attitude towards compliance with measures such as social distance and wearing masks.

In March, the World Health Organization declared an outbreak of coronavirus infection a pandemic. According to WHO, almost 9.3 million people are infected in the world, more than 479 thousand have died.

In Europe, the total number of cases of coronavirus infection reached 2.6 million, more than 195 thousand died.

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