WHO: asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus are not contagious

WHO: asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus are not contagious

Asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus is extremely rare. This was stated by WHO technical manager for response to COVID-19 Maria Van Kerkkhove during the organization’s media briefing.

“Based on our data, it seems unlikely that an asymptomatic carrier will transmit the infection to someone else,” she said. – We have a number of reports from other countries. They monitor asymptomatic carriers, their contacts, and do not detect further transmission. This is very rare. ”

However, Van Kerkkhove noted, asymptomatic cases are often mistakenly attributed to mild cases of COVID-19, as well as to atypical or not yet manifested symptoms. In this case, a person becomes contagious 2-3 days before the onset of symptoms. The asymptomatic course of the disease implies the absence of symptoms throughout the disease.

“When we look at the data and find out how many asymptomatic cases actually were, we find that often we are actually talking about mild symptoms,” she emphasized.

Almost half of the infections occur before the patient has symptoms, WHO experts said. But this does not mean that he has an asymptomatic infection – the symptoms simply have not yet manifested.