Who benefits from the current global financial crisis – the United States or China

11 months ago

Due to restrictive quarantine measures, a financial crisis is raging throughout the world. Small, and medium-sized businesses. A bunch of people are losing their jobs. Oil and oil companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Travel, hotel and airline business are under attack.

But, as you know, in any crisis, like in war, someone loses, while someone earns well. Based on the facts, let’s think about who will win and earn in the current situation.
The trade war between the USA and China has been going on for many months. Now they take turns accusing each other of the current situation. This means that one of them is the culprit. And this is the USA. And that’s why:

1) In this article, I wrote in detail about how US scientists developed a virus of the well-known type in Wuhan (!), Which is transmitted from bats to humans. References to authoritative American publications in the same place.

2) Throughout 2019, the US Federal Reserve poured gold rain in the form of trillions of unsecured dollars into its stock market (through repo programs), inflating a “financial bubble”. See below how crazy the growth was throughout the year (unsecured by anything), and how sharp and deep the decline was (right up to the level of 2017!).

The fall came amid news of the spread of the infection, but there were no restrictive measures yet! That is, it was speculative and artificial.

3) Now the United States is blaming all the blame on poor China, demanding to write off its own public debt from them, and this, for a minute, is more than 18% of the total US public debt! This debt has long hung over them, like a sword of Damocles. A wonderful attempt to “cheat” him.

But even this is not the main thing, but the main thing is this:

4) The US Federal Reserve bought up a bunch of assets of various US enterprises on the resulting fall in March. While the rest sold in a panic and were simply afraid to enter the market. A wonderful take of money from the “hamsters” and the purchase of assets at 2017 prices.

5) They also greatly slowed down the economy of all countries of the world, especially China and other countries trading with it, in order to protect the dominance of the dollar. Ingenious!

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