WHO Caution: Third COVID Wave on the way

In Europe, the third wave of coronavirus COVID-19 may start already in early 2021.

This warning was made by a special representative of the World Health Organization David Nabarro, reports Reuters.

“During the summer months they missed the opportunity to create the necessary infrastructure after taking control of the first wave. Now we have the second wave. If they do not build the necessary infrastructure, we will have a third wave early next year,” he stressed.

According to Nabarro, the response of European leaders to the pandemic was not flawless.

“We have to wait until the disease rate becomes low and maintain it,” he called.

A WHO representative explained that the low infection rate in Europe was relatively short-lived. In Germany and France, the number of infected has increased by 33 thousand, in Switzerland and Austria thousands of infected are recorded weekly. And in Turkey, a record 5532 infections have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

Nabarro drew attention to Switzerland, which opened ski resorts despite the pandemic. According to him, the country runs the risk of achieving “a very high rate of morbidity and mortality” at this rate. The WHO representative set Asia as an example, as opposed to European countries.

“People behave in a way that prevents the virus from spreading. They keep a distance, wear masks, keep a regime of self-isolation when they are sick, wash their hands and disinfect surfaces,” Nabarro praised the Asian countries.