WHO confirmed the ability of COVID-19 to remain on product packaging

WHO confirmed the ability of COVID-19 to remain on product packaging

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that the coronavirus can remain on packages of frozen food, even during long periods of transport.

For example, recent studies and reports emphasize that COVID-19 can survive for long periods of time in frozen and cold storage conditions. In addition, transmission of the virus can pass from package to person.

The recommendation emphasizes that the risk to consumers is estimated to be minimal, but in rare cases, food can be contaminated during its production.

The Wall Street Journal points out that after receiving a draft version of the document, representatives from the organization informed the publication that the version of the recommendations had been sent inadvertently and that it needed to be finalized.

On January 15, the coronavirus was discovered in a batch of ice cream in the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin. Authorities seized the products after the infection was found in 4,836 boxes of ice cream. At the same time, about a thousand boxes were sent to stores, and 65 of them have already been sold. Raw materials for the production of ice cream cones and packages with filling came to China from abroad. For example, the milk powder was bought in New Zealand, and the whey powder came from Ukraine.