WHO estimates data on duration of immunity to coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) cannot yet accurately assess the duration of immunity to coronavirus, but it is positive about the research of British scientists. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the technical group of the WHO Emergency Diseases Unit, spoke about this.

According to researchers from the UK, those who have had coronavirus can be protected from re-infection for at least six months. “Information comes from this group as well as other groups that have been following patients for a long time. And what we see helps us to better understand the response of the human body to infections in terms of the production of antibodies, ”the expert noted.

She added that the world has been battling the pandemic for almost a year, and news of the duration of immunity is encouraging. According to Van Kerkhove, British research confirms the evidence that the “protection” can last for several months.

An outbreak of pneumonia COVID-19 caused by a novel coronavirus was first recorded in December 2019 in Wuhan. On March 11, WHO announced that the situation could be characterized as a pandemic. According to the latest data, more than 57 million people are infected worldwide.

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