WHO reveals lifetime protection of COVID-19 vaccine

WHO reveals lifetime protection of COVID-19 vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released data on the lifetime protection of COVID-19 vaccine. Emergency Program Director Michael Ryan said the new coronavirus vaccine may not protect the person who received the vaccine for life.

“We’re <…> seeing new evidence that protection may not last a lifetime, so re-infection is possible,” he warned.

But Ryan added that vaccination is an important tool in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s also crucial, he said, to continue with the measures that were previously in place: to follow the rules of hygiene and to wear masks. “Countries that are currently experiencing high rates of spread should maintain infection control measures and then organize the deployment of vaccines,” the expert said.

Otherwise, the situation threatens to get out of control and there is a risk of an epidemic, Ryan concluded.

Previously, the world was forewarned of a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines. Michael Ryan, the organization’s spokesman, said people need to realize that the world will not have enough vaccines to prevent a new increase in the number of cases in at least three to six months.