Who’s replacing Samantha and what happened to Charlotte: the shooting of the Sex and the City sequel has started in New York.

This week the first images from the filming of the long-awaited sequel to “Sex and the City“, which is in full swing in New York, appeared on the Network. “And Just Like That…” will be a full-fledged project with 10 episodes, the action will be developed 20 years after the events of the previous series.

However, only three of the four main characters will appear in the new show. Back in 2019, it was revealed that Kim Catherall, who plays the role of Samantha, would not take part in the reboot of the show. Initially, there were rumors that the actress was refusing to star because of stardom and was just trying to put a price tag on herself. But then, in an interview with the Daily Mail, she admitted that the only condition of her participation in the second feature film based on the series was to assure the producers that there would be no sequel. Now, after 11 years, HBO has begun filming new episodes.

But before that, a real war had broken out between Kim Cartell and Sarah Jessica Parker. According to rumors, the tension between the actresses has been building for quite a long time, and in the first place because of unequal fees, Catroll was paid many times less than Parker. Further, the situation only escalated when Parker made a public condolence to Catroll in connection with the death of her brother. Kim reacted very harshly, stating on social media, “My mom asked me today, when will this hypocrite leave us alone…? Let me be clear if I still haven’t been able to do that. You are not my family. You are not my friend. And I’m writing this for the last time, so you can stop exploiting our tragedy by trying to reclaim your image as a good girl.”

Of course, fans of the show and we among them can not accept the absence of beloved Samantha on the screen. There’s a lot of drama on social networks over the fact that one of the brightest characters has left the project. Users assure that without her “the series will not be the same” and wait with horror for a replacement, because the producers, of course, had to introduce new characters. So first there were rumors that “Grey’s Anatomy” star Sara Ramirez would join the team. Sarah Ramirez. But on the set of the new season, she has not yet been seen, but the paparazzi managed to shoot another actress Nicole Arie Parker, “Diamond Policeman”, “Boogie Nights”. Rumor has it, she will be the new fourth girlfriend. However, for some reason, fans of the series are not happy about this news.

Conservative fans of “Sex and the City” in general, this time will not be easy, because the show expects drastic changes, including … a new look for Kristin Davis. In the first shots from the shooting 56-year-old actress looks, to put it mildly, not as usual. The fact is that on her Instagram, the star often publishes archive photos or shots, in which her face is covered with glasses or hair, so it was quite difficult to see the changes in the actress’s appearance in her social media. It is obvious that for the filming of the sequel to “Sex and the City” Christine had prepared thoroughly: changed the shape of her lips, a couple of fillers were added. She got savage comments like “Charlotte’s not the same!” and “She obviously overdid it with Botox! However, we think that the actress is good in all her manifestations.