Why An Old Anthony Bourdain Video Is Coming In Trending

Six years have passed since the tragic passing of Anthony Bourdain, yet a number of his writings remain in unalterable tone for a variety of profound thinkers across the world. In addition to Bourdain taking a trip to explore the diverse cuisines via food (via The Washington Post) His authenticity and honesty has became known. The well-known food critic could discuss the brutal reality of life and without hesitation.

People who admire the honesty of the food writer may find it difficult to forget Season 2 Episode 14 of “No Reservations.” Instead of filming a distinctive food-related blurb in another country, Bourdain took the opportunity to pay tribute to the people of Beruit by documenting the horrors during the Lebanon War (per The Atlantic).

In addition to revealing the unseen, Bourdain also garnered attention for his opinions on different public figures within the world of food. It was whether he was accused Paula Dean of excessive greed in her participation in an initiative to combat diabetes (per ABC News via YouTube) or slammed Guy Fieri’s style of dressing due the age of his appearance (per Atlanta Magazine), his past comments have resonated across the globe. Another instance of Bourdain using heavy language is just appearing on Twitter and is hitting close to home more than one would have expected in 2022.

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