Why are black Americans fleeing to Japan?

Earlier, I wrote that white in Japan is more than comfortable. European appearance is considered a reference in Asia, everything is clear here. As for other Asians, the situation for these guys is worse. If the Koreans do not have both advantages and disadvantages, compared with the Japanese … then the Chinese fall out strongly in their capabilities in Japan. People from Southeast Asia (Thais, Indonesians, Vietnamese, etc.) live even worse. What about the black guys? Everything is very interesting and ambiguous here!

The Japanese have always been ardent nationalists, the Chinese will not let lie. On the other hand, Japan never had that black slavery culture that was represented in the USA and Europe. Due to this, the Japanese have much less of those prejudices that are common in Western society. My African American acquaintance described his experience of living in Japan as follows:

“Unlike the USA, where everyone had low expectations on my account, in Japan everything is different! Many of the things that I can afford in Japan, I could not afford in the United States because of racial discrimination. Yes, sometimes in Japan they look at me as a strange animal, but it is better to see harmless surprise in the eyes of people than the systematic rejection that I experienced at home. ”

Of course, blacks in Japan are VERY exotic and unusual for this region, and many Japanese (especially the older generation) are alien to this. On the other hand, its “exoticness” can be turned into an advantage. Many dark-skinned guys immediately find a job in the modeling and promotion business. Their unusual appearance is an advantage in finding a job. That is why many club barkers in Tokyo are black.

Blacks also note that due to the very low crime rate in Japan, it is much easier for them to live here than at home. My student friend said that unlike the United States, where a policeman can interrogate you hard, just because you’re black, she has never been stopped by the police in Japan. This helps build trust with the state.

Thanks to his bright appearance, it is not difficult for blacks to find a companion. It’s very interesting for young Japanese and Japanese women to meet a black man. I must note that black guys, in this regard, are much easier than black girls. Interestingly, if in America blacks can complain that whites do not want to meet with them because of their skin color, then in Japan the opposite is true. They don’t know if they want to meet only because of the color of their skin. Oh, they can’t please …

Of course, all of the above applies to blacks from Europe and the United States. Indigenous people of Africa are practically not represented in Japan, so there is no point in discussing their situation in this country. It would be a great exaggeration to say that there is no racism in Japan, the story of a half-black Japanese woman who was severely persecuted after winning the Miss Japan title is still fresh in my memory (you can read about it here). On the other hand, black guys suffer from this to a much lesser extent than at home.