Why bikers rush to Seattle

Why are bikers rushing to Seattle now and why would they help law enforcement officials flirting with criminals to restore order in their own country? For who is not aware of the gangs of motorcyclists who once operated in the United States.

Read about them – so the hair stand on end. What just do not know. And now the bikers are teaming up to … clean up. What for? Could, on the contrary, drive up and support the guys from Antifa who had captured Seattle.

And here is the opposite. I think the fact is that bikers are flesh from the flesh of America, its subculture, and quite organic, albeit aggressive, part of the general culture of the United States. Unrefined culture. A certain archetype of consciousness of those who, in due time, conquered and mastered the Wild West. The symbol of this America is Trump.

But Black lives matter, on the contrary, is something alien. And it’s not about oppression and shameful segregation in the history of the United States, no. Black lives matter are not so much fighting for their rights as they are striving to destroy, on a metaphysical level, the Americans’ perceptions of themselves. As in the Game of Thrones, the king of the night wanted to kill Bran. For he was the bearer of the memory of the world, which the owner of the dead sought to destroy.