Why can a cockroach creep into your ear?

Entomologist at the University of North Carolina, Coby Schal, explained the reasons why cockroaches crawl into people’s ears. The expert’s words are quoted by The Verge.

Cockroaches usually go out at night when a person is sleeping. Insects love small, warm and humid places, so an immobile person becomes an ideal victim. In addition, cockroaches are very attracted by the smell emanating from the ears, which resembles bread or beer, due to the content of volatile fatty acids.

“For a cockroach, the ear seems like a safe place to eat or relax,” says Schall.
Then, once in the ear, the cockroach gets stuck and cannot get out on its own. In some cases, the insect can live in the ear for a week without food or water. Schall added that almost always in such a situation a person tries to clean the ear canal and as a result kills the cockroach. This, in turn, can lead to rupture of the eardrum, or to a serious infection. Therefore, if an insect enters the ear, the specialist recommends contacting a doctor immediately.

If you think you have an insect in your ear, try to hold the ear so that the insect is pointing upwards in the hope that it will crawl out or fly out, or pour water, olive or baby oil in your ear to flood the beetle and let it float out. But, of course, first of all, we recommend that you consult a doctor, even if you yourself pulled out the insect, because the legs or other parts of the body of the insect can remain in the ear canal and cause infection.

In early May, American Katie Holley talked about a cockroach that lived in her ear for nine days. At first she tried to pull out the insect on her own, however, only the doctors helped the girl to get rid of it completely.