Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

11 months ago

It is not known who was the first who came up with scaring cats with cucumbers, but videos with a violent reaction of pets on the Web become viral. We talk about why cats are really afraid of cucumbers.
Video “cats and cucumbers” on the Internet instantly become viral. Owners from all over the world lay vegetables behind their pets, while they eat, and point their cameras. The reaction of cats to cucumbers is worth a thousand likes. But why does this happen?

Scientists believe that the point here is not that cats are afraid of cucumbers. If you put a banana, zucchini or other elongated object, the reaction will be the same. One of the most popular explanations is the similarity in shape to a snake. This version is shared by zoopsychologist Jill Goldman, specializing in the behavior of cats and dogs. She explains the reaction of cats to cucumbers by the fact that snakes are one of the greatest dangers that cats were waiting for before they were domesticated by humans. (Read our material on how this happened and how other animals were domesticated.)

However, veterinarian, zoopsychologist and felinologist Angelina Sirotina is sure that cats are afraid of cucumbers for no reason. According to her, the animal is guided not only by sight, but also by other senses, and if an enemy appeared behind his back, he would probably smell him and turn around. Otherwise, cats simply would not have survived. Consequently, they have no fear of elongated objects. Moreover, there is no fear directly before the cucumbers. Just the one who first decided to put in such an experiment, it was the cucumber that came to hand. In its place, for example, there could well be an eggplant, and then he would appear in the commercials.

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