Why did Draco hate Harry Potter so much? In fact, there are plenty of reasons

10 months ago

Throughout the series about the “boy who survived” the main character Harry Potter appears to be an absolutely positive character. This approach can be understood – after all, the first books of the cycle were focused on children, and there is no point in creating a deep and contradictory character for them.

Another wizard, Harry was another wizard – Draco Malfoy, who in almost all episodes appears as cruel, cowardly and inappropriate villain. Actor Tom Felton managed to create a very unpleasant image.

However, if you dig a little deeper and look at the features of the relationship between Harry and Draco from the side, you can find that Draco had all the reasons to treat Harry badly. Why? Now I will try to explain.

The origin and childhood of Draco
To better understand the reasons for his negative attitude towards Harry, it is important to say a few words about the childhood of Malfoy and his family.

Draco was the son of Lucius Malfoy, a noble and wealthy purebred wizard who married another purebred sorceress, Narcissa Black. Lucius was once a Death Eater in the service of the Dark Lord, and their family always shared ideas of contempt for Muggles and Mudbloods.

In such an atmosphere, Draco grew up, whom his parents often talked about his uniqueness, because he is also a purebred wizard, and even Malfoy. And the absence of brothers and sisters only fueled this feeling.

So we can conclude that by the time he entered Hogwarts, Draco was already somewhat narcissistic and selfish. But is this enough to hate another person? Perhaps not, because he had his friends.

To hate Harry, we need more compelling reasons that came to light later …

Unfulfilled hopes
Before entering Hogwarts, Draco had heard of a boy who survived the attack of the Dark Lord himself. Draco’s parents even believed that Harry would become an even more powerful dark wizard than Voldemort, and even thought about joining him.

The first time Draco met Harry in Diagon Alley when he did not even know who was standing in front of him. But even then he became interested in Harry and talked quite friendly with him.

Later on the train that drove the students to school, Draco was the first to go to Harry, reach out and offer his friendship – he wanted to meet the future legendary wizard. But Harry rejected his offer in a rather humiliating manner, and this was the first reason for their enmity.

But not the last – perhaps the situation would be different, and Draco and Harry could still make friends as a result …

Glaring injustice while studying at Hogwarts
Harry and Draco fell into rival departments – Gryffindor and Slytherin – which already predetermined their fight. Draco was superior to Harry in his abilities, he can be called a more intelligent diligent student.

However, fame and universal love always went to Potter. And okay, this would be due to his merits – no, everyone praised Harry, just because of who he was born and because he was at the right time in the right place.

Most teachers, with the exception of Severus Snape, openly sympathized with Harry, as opposed to Draco, who studied better and had no such discipline problems.

This injustice, envy of Harry because of his fame and friends, improper upbringing, fear not to live up to the family’s hopes – all this together resulted in hatred of Harry and everyone around him.

But even this did not stop Draco from doing some good deeds (for example, not betraying Harry Potter to his aunt Bellatrix), and at the end of the saga he completely rethought his values ​​and abandoned his father’s ideas …

I’m not saying that Draco was really good, and Harry was an inveterate scoundrel. No, Draco did a lot of bad things. However, one cannot fail to admit that Malfoy had plenty of reasons to hate Harry, and in his place many would have treated Potter the same way ..

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