Why did the rioters spoil the Schwarzenegger monument?

The first reaction to the news of the spoiled statue of Arnold is perplexity. How could a cheerful and peaceful grandfather Schwartz offend the protesters? What kind of blood is on his hands?

At first, the version came to mind that the claims arose because of the surname. Arnie himself, in a book and in numerous interviews, told funny stories about how new acquaintances found out whether “Schwarzenegger” means “black negro”? To this he always replied that the surname was not divided into “Schwarz” and “negger”, but into “Schwarzen” and “egger”, and translated not as “black person”, but as “black plowman”. To be completely accurate, the “black harrower.” Moreover, “black” here does not mean skin color, but about the same as “laborer”.

There is another version narrated in the movie “Lunapark”, but it is doubtful whether BML activists and Schwarzenegger himself knew her.

In general, it is unlikely that it is a surname? But then what? Arnold never publicly displayed racism. In general, he was always politically literate and cautious to such an extent that he would give odds to any party functionary from the USSR. It is generally accepted that the Austrian Oak owes its success to hard work, charisma and determination. In many ways this is true. But he is also an opportunist and an opportunist, of which there are few. Such a person would never go against the current agenda in his life, because this is a career risk.

As governor, he certainly opposed SJW values. Once even provoked a scandal, banning gay marriage in California. He did so because he wanted to be popular with the conservative and pious majority. Now, with both hands, he would advocate for “diversity” and “equal rights for LGBT people.” But this is still not racism. The only thing that can be pulled over the ears, and even jokingly – an episode from the movie “Commando”. Remember “my friend is dead tired”?

They write that in his youth, as a star of bodybuilding, Schwarzenegger allegedly allowed himself racist jokes about black colleagues. What one of them wrote about. Perhaps this was what you would take from an uncouth guy from an Austrian village. However, one must understand that it was the 60s, when in some states blacks still had separate places in transport. So the claim sounds akin to hitting Harvey Weinstein for the sins of 25 years ago.

In general, it is not clear what the elderly Terminator is to blame for than the anger fighters for racial justice.