Why is Elon Musk striving for Mars?

Why is Elon Musk striving for Mars?

I would like to talk about such a legendary person as Elon Musk and his wild desire to build a colony on Mars. Perhaps I will write more about him later, because the person is very interesting and does a lot for our planet, but not today. The article will be based on my opinion, as I see this situation. I, in turn, relied on numerous interviews with Ilona. Let’s begin.

Briefly about the history of the protagonist. Elon Musk became a millionaire thanks to PayPal, in which he himself worked and was the main shareholder. Subsequently, the company was bought by Ebay and Musk became very rich. In 2002, he founded SpaceX, and Tesla Motors a year later in 2003.

How did he come to create his space rockets? The Russians pushed him to this. That is in the hands of Elon Mask, almost $ 180 million, what to do with them? Many would begin to fulfill their cherished dreams and spend money, but he was burning with another dream. Musk wanted to stir people on this planet and turn their attention into space.

To do this, he planned to send two rockets with plants to Mars to show people about the possibility of life on the red planet. Why two rockets? He was very afraid of failure, otherwise people would think: “Well, it didn’t work, and there’s nothing to fly there?” Therefore, the probability that one of the two will fly is much higher. Max decided to spend half his fortune on this dream. But having traveled all over the world, he did not find anything that could fly to Mars and fulfill the mission for sane money in the near future.

The last place where they could help him was Russia. Long negotiations led to the fact that Elon Musk was going to buy two ballistic missiles without a nuclear charge, to launch them on Mars. It seemed to fit in the price, at first they asked for $ 80 million, but after a few months, our officials asked for an amount greater than that of the Mask, in principle. Appetite came with eating.

Realizing that no one would sell him a rocket for the money that he had. Elon Musk began to study all the literature on rocket science. A few months later, he assembled a team and founded the company SpaceX, where he worked as chief engineer. The task was to create cheaper spacecraft that could fly to Mars. But the money was enough only for three trial launches of Falcon 1, which were unsuccessful. For the fourth launch, the money was raised by the entire SpaceX team. Everything was at stake, if the launch failed again, the company would have to close. But, fortunately, everything worked out and the launch went well. After that, NASA believed in Ilona Mask and began to actively help.

But why so much effort and waste of money? Elon Musk is one of the few people who understand that the future of our species can only be multi-planetary. We can die from diseases, a meteorite fall, serious climate change, a spoiled ecology, running out of resources, lack of space for a comfortable stay, there can be many reasons. It is necessary to master other planets as early as possible, which was an opportunity to be saved. Ideally, you need to strive for other solar systems, but this is very far. Do you understand how much this person looks to the future and wants to help humanity?

The latest news upsets. Elon Musk the other day said: “I am not very pleased with the development of technological progress. If everything goes on like this, I will give the ends before my dream comes true. ” The task is to create a fully autonomous colony on Mars, which could live there, even if ships would not fly from Earth. For this, it is estimated that about 1 million tons of cargo should be transferred. 1 thousand Starship ships will carry such a number of 15 years, and add some more time for the construction of this flotilla. In general, the conversation is about 30-40 years. Elon Musk is trying to come up with a way out even of this situation, I hope he succeeds.