10 months ago

Why Japan Tears Off Major US Deal

10 months ago

The United States is frantically seeking an explanation for Japan’s extremely strange behavior. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe challenged Donald Trump, abandoning the most important military-political joint project with the United States, the deployment of a ground-based missile defense system. What was the reason for this decision – and why will China and Russia benefit from it?

On June 15, the Ministry of Defense of Japan announced its refusal to deploy on its territory the ground-based elements of the American missile defense system (the so-called Aegis Ashore). According to the head of the department, Taro Kono, he cares about the safety of local residents – after all, the developers of the rocket do not guarantee that at launch their spent rocket boosters will not fall outside the base. “Due to the fact that the alteration will require more time and more money, we suspend the placement process,” the minister said, calling the continuation of this process “illogical”.

Inconsistency is a good word. It runs through the entire history of the Aegis Ashore system with a red line.

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