Why the forecaster Edgar Cayce named Trump the last president of the United States

1 year ago

Despite the fact that the famous soothsayer Edgar Cayce passed away in 1945, he foresaw the events that occurred many years after his death. Among the most famous predictions of Casey, there is a message that the 44th president of the United States will be the last. For some time, everyone believed that the medium had in mind Barack Obama. But it turned out that the last would still be Donald Trump.

The come true and not yet fulfilled prophecies of the American medium, Edgar Cayce, are not for nothing called one of the most legendary foretellers of the twentieth century. Casey, who was often called the “sleeping prophet” due to the fact that he saw the future, falling into a dream, made many predictions throughout his life. Some of the events described by the American have already come true. The fact is that, as indicated in the publication of “100 Famous Mystical Phenomena” (Syadro V.V., Sklyarenko V.M., Ochkurova O., Bati Y. A.), Edgar Cayce was born in 1877, and died shortly before the end of World War II. Therefore, it is not surprising that he foresaw the great depression of 1929, describing the collapse of the stock exchange in extraordinary detail, and predicted the end of this crisis in 1933. Casey also spoke of the aforementioned World War II, as well as World War I. Moreover, the medium even indicated the years of their beginning and end. However, as Anna Marianis writes in her book “All Prophecies about Russia before and after 2012,” the predictor claimed that humanity would escape the third global conflict. But instead, according to Casey, terrible natural disasters await earthlings: territories with a cold climate will become tropics, strong earthquakes will occur, volcanoes will wake up. As a result of all these disasters, the appearance of the planet will become unrecognizable. It is noteworthy that Casey was confident that Russia would suffer less than other countries.

However, a great stir caused the prophecy of Edgar Cayce, which concerned the United States, and not Russia at all. More precisely, everyone was interested in Casey’s prediction regarding the fate of the country’s president. And it’s not about John F. Kennedy, whose death, according to the author of the book “People-Phenomena”, Irina Shpionskaya, was also foreseen by Casey. According to Eduard Kravchenko, in the publication “To the Creator or Who is behind the Predictors”, the medium claimed that the 44th leader of the country would become the last president of the United States. Since American presidents have been numbered since 1789, when George Washington was elected, the 44th head of the United States was Barack Obama, the first black man in American history to be promoted to such a high post. It was the skin color of Barack Obama that reinforced the mystics’ confidence in the prophet’s rightness. The fact is, as Olga Greig, the Russian astrologer Pavel Globa, also predicted Obama an unenviable fate, as noted in her book Psychics and Mages in the Secret Services of the World. Not only that, another, but no less legendary astrologer Vasily Nemchin, who lived back in the 15th century, also pointed out the turmoil that the 44th overseas, and most importantly “black” ruler was supposed to bring to the world. The Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga did not lag behind the rest: she also held the opinion that with the advent of the African American president, a series of a wide variety of disasters would overwhelm the country.

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