Why the US no longer flies to the moon

Fifty years have passed since the first man stepped onto the surface of the moon. The whole world applauded the Americans, they began sending one expedition to the moon to the moon. Technological development proceeded rapidly. But after 1972, flights abruptly stopped.

Why, we just started to explore our satellite, which, in addition to science, stores minerals in its bowels. Ambitious plans were being made to build a colony on the Moon, to send a research station like the ISS to it. But it all stopped.

In order to constructively answer this question, it is necessary to look into the past. As soon as the USSR, (according to official data) sent a man into space, the Americans needed to overshadow this success, and the mission to the moon was very welcome here.

The whole world watched the first manned flight to the moon, unlike the flight of Yuri Gagarin. It was a real revolution. But as soon as they began to fly to the moon more often, the interest of mankind disappeared. The world began to react routinely to such events.
But the main reason was the financial component, since one minute of astronauts on the moon cost the Americans more than a million US dollars. Given inflation, today these numbers can be multiplied by tens of times.

Even the world’s most powerful economy could not cope with such a load. If during the flights to the moon, we would extract significant dividends, everything would be different, but for serious tasks and discoveries, such as colonization of the moon or the extraction of helium, mankind is not yet ready. Therefore, no one wanted to sponsor such events in the form of the delivery of Lunar cargo to Earth.

Moreover, as soon as the Apollo missions turned, a big financial crisis erupted in the United States. It was a kind of reckoning for flights. US citizens for these missions paid in full.

Every year at NASA, they came to the conclusion that it was necessary to introduce reusable spacecraft. Along the Moon in space there were many other tasks, where all the forces were redirected to, this is the Internet, satellite navigation and other orbital tasks.

Fortunately, today Elon Musk and the company have developed ships capable of sending a person to the moon, for less money, which will soon happen.