Why Was The GOP Promoting Such Garbage Candidates?

Trump’s support raised unelected candidates like Majewski. Kevin McCarthy did not do anything to stop this from happening or to elect more candidates. He’s now reaping the rewards of what he sow.

Similar events are unfolding in the upper chamber. Here, candidate quality is more likely than not to cost Republicans the majority. It was revealed this week that , a Mitch McConnell-affiliated Super PAC, had pulled out the Trump-endorsed Blake Masters’ race to the U.S. Senate.

These establishment Republicans deserve credit for managing their resources and cutting their losses while spending their money where they believe they can win. They would have had more pieces to play with if they got in on the game earlier.

Republicans are taking points off of the board, even if they win the majority. Republicans will soon be able to take away congressional seats in a business that is all about inches. The question is, how many?

For normal Republicans who wish to use this moment as a learning opportunity, the bad news is that missed opportunities won’t hurt as long as they are still taken advantage of. Republicans win just enough to move on from Trump and avoid rock bottom.

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