Why, when running, stabs in the side

10 months ago

Stitching pain in the side is, without exaggeration, one of the most common problems of every novice runner. How to avoid this, and what could be causing this pain?

What hurts in the side
Pain on the right most likely gives the liver, on the left – the spleen. But in any case, pain during running causes spasms of the diaphragm, it is these pains that can be confused with pain in the liver or spleen.

When we run, all blood vessels in our body accelerate blood flow, often the internal organs are simply not ready for such a sharp physical exertion. If we are at rest, about 60-70% of the blood volume circulates in our body. And the rest, as it were, is “stored” in organs and tissues.

If the load is increased sharply, this very blood from the reserve quickly enters the circle of blood circulation. There is an increase in the liver and, consequently, its pressure on the outer shell, full of nerve endings – hence the acute pain on the right. If the pain still gives to the left side, then the spleen also reacts like a liver. Such phenomena are more often characteristic of people who exercise a little.

The main causes of pain in the side
Most often, pain can occur if runners neglect a good and proper workout. It is the warm-up that will be able to prepare all body systems for a high-intensity load – it is necessary even for professional athletes.

In any type of training, you must adhere to the principle of gradual pace. You can not give the body a big load immediately. Start small, give yourself, your body, nervous system time to adapt. The first running training should last 10-15 minutes. With a gradual increase in stamina, pain in the side will no longer bother you.

Another cause of pain during running loads can be overeating. Between the last meal and loads should be at least 40, and preferably 60 minutes, if the snack was light. After a full meal, it is better to wait at least 2 hours. Adhering to these rules, you can avoid unpleasant pain.

Right breathing
Avoid sharp pains in the side during exercise will help control breathing. If you breathe too often, deeply and abruptly gasp for air, the diaphragm is overstressed, and as a result, pain.

If you go for a run and feel a sharp pain in your side – it is better to go to a quick step, but do not stop abruptly. Slowing down the pace and moving on to the step, try to relax your shoulders and arms, make bends in different directions and breathe as deep as possible.

If the pain is caused by a spasm – try breathing in, blowing your stomach, and exhaling – on the contrary, blowing it back. You need to breathe evenly – inhale in two steps, and also exhale. Control yourself, because inhalation is done only through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Fundamental rules
But the cause of pain in the side can be more serious disorders of the body, for example, various diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, before going in for sports, be sure to get a doctor’s consultation, go through the necessary examinations and be sure to adhere to a healthy diet.

Be sure to draw up a training plan, then it will be easier for you to understand if you do not calculate your strength – then you need to adjust the plan – slow down and reduce the mileage.

Train the correct breathing technique. This is what will help make the run as effective and comfortable as possible. The correct posture remains important while running – the diaphragm should not be clamped. Do exercises on the press – strengthen the muscles of the core, the task is to make them elastic.

Compliance with all of these rules when running can prevent errors and maintain health. Go in for sports, because movement is life!

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