Wife got a dishwasher in a nursing home to be with a sick husband during a pandemic

A resident of Jacksonville (Florida) got a dishwasher in a nursing home where her husband lives after they stopped letting visitors in because of the coronavirus pandemic. The new work was for Mary Daniel, 57, the only way to see her husband Steve.

The woman told Rosecastle at Deerwood that she was ready for any job — be it paid or volunteer. Two weeks later, they called her and said that the vacancy of the dishwasher had opened. “I thought:“ So, a dishwasher? Well, a dishwasher is so dishwasher, ”Mary recalls. The woman needed to undergo tests for coronavirus and drugs, several standard tests, a 20-hour training course – but after 114 days of separation, she was finally able to reunite with 66-year-old Steve, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

“I entered his room, and he called my name, said:” Mary. ” It was such a relief. – Daniel says. “We both burst into tears.” Mary notes that forced self-isolation has hit Steve, who is used to the fact that his wife is always there. Fortunately, now the man finally feels more confident. “He recently came up and hugged me,” Mary says, “so he knows who I am. He recognizes me despite the mask. ”