11 months ago

“Wikipedia will fight the “toxic behavior” of its editors

11 months ago

Non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation (Wikimedia Foundation), managing the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, has decided to create a new code of conduct to combat “toxic behavior” of some of its volunteer editors.

This is reported by the British Air Force Agency.

This decision is due to the fact that many editors, in particular women and LGBT representatives, complained about harassment and harassment by other editors.

The new code of conduct will prohibit or restrict access to edit material for those volunteers who violate the terms.

There are also plans to launch a complaints mechanism for incidents that occurred before the new rules came into effect.

The development and implementation of the new code will take place in two stages. The first stage (until August 30) will approve the policy of work and interaction of participants in all Wikimedia projects.

The second stage envisages the launch of penalties for violations of the rules (it will enter into force by the end of 2020).

“We must work together to create a safe, inclusive culture where everyone feels different, knows that their contribution is valued and their views matter,” the Wikimedia Foundation stressed.

According to the BBC, Wikipedia has become one of the most reliable sources on the Web, but complaints of harassment and gender imbalance have been haunting the platform for almost a decade.

For example, editors are able to interact with each other and change the content of a page once it is created. This has created a kind of pressure when a page written by one editor is removed or changed by another, forcing the former to redo his or her work.

Earlier, the University of Washington conducted research that showed that many female editors fear for their safety. Some of them reported that their work is often challenged or criticized by male editors.

And The New York Times wrote about the concerns of transgender editors. In particular, a case of death threats was reported.

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