Wild Cockatoos produced a set of tableware

Scientists from Austria and Indonesia remembered wild Tambrian cockatoos for making a whole set of tools designed for extracting nannies from cervine fruits. The set may include up to three types of tools, which differ in manufacturing method, shape and purpose, according to Current Biology article. This is the first example of innovativeness through the production of a set of tools, which was recorded in wild animals that are not primates.

The use of tools by animals can be very desirable, but it does not always require a developed intellect. Often the temptation to such behavior is inborn and is caused by the specialization of the species, which has developed over a long period of evolution. It is contrasted with the innovative use of tools, i.e. the use of tools which is not characteristic of the species but is spontaneously acquired during individual or social training. A number of animals have demonstrated this invention in captivity, but only two species, apart from humans, were recognized for this ability in the wild – chimpanzees Pan troglodytes and orangutans Pongo. However, due to the new research of scientists of the University of Widen and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences the list has been expanded by the Tanimbaranian cockatoos Cacatua goffiniana. Scientists knew before that these birds can make instruments in captivity, but for the first time they showed the complexity of this process and found it in wild animals.