Wild cougar found sleeping under an SUV in Longmont’s garage

11 months ago

Wildlife workers returned a young male cougar back to the forest, who climbed into the garage of a Longmont resident in Colorado and fell asleep under his SUV.

According to the representative of the park and wildlife Jason Clay (Jason Clay), a resident of the northern part of the city called the rescue service, because under his car found a sleeping animal. “This is the first time that a cougar has been seen by Longmonte since May 2019. Cougars quite often come to urban areas for food. They hunt livestock or even pets, ”Clay said. He notes that you can’t try to drive out the cougar who wandered into the yard or into the house on your own, it can be dangerous.

Longmont police officers helped temporarily euthanize the beast in order to take it out and release it in the Arapaho National Forest.

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