Will Biden’s solo appearance in Switzerland help

President Joe Biden will hold a solo press conference after his summit meeting in Switzerland with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to experts, this would avoid a very risky moment if he decided to stand side by side with Putin during the briefing.

Meanwhile, White House officials said that Biden and Putin would meet, accompanied by a small and then a large group of aides and advisers. They did not specify, however, whether the presidents would hold face-to-face talks.

“We expect this meeting to be frank and straightforward. And an individual press conference is an appropriate format to discuss clearly with the free press the topics that were raised at the meeting. This applies both to areas where we can agree and those where we have serious concerns,” the White House spokesman said.

According to the informed source, a key goal of the US administration at the upcoming talks is to get Biden to send Putin “a strong message. This will be markedly different from the “flippant relationship” advocated by Donald Trump after his first meeting with Putin.