Will release a perfume that smells of space

The American startup Eau de Space has raised more than 40 thousand dollars for the production of perfume, which smells of space

It is reported by the American television channel CNN.

In June, a fundraising campaign was launched on the Kickstarter platform to create a perfume that smells of space. The product is called Eau de Space.

The original goal of the Eau de Space team was to raise $ 1,969 – the amount needed to start production. Currently, more than 48 thousand dollars have been raised.

According to Matt Richmond, product manager for Eau de Space, the fragrance was developed by Steve Pierce, a chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients, a natural fragrance company, at the request of NASA. The office signed a contract with Pierce in 2008 and planned to use the resulting aroma to train astronauts so that the smell of space was familiar to them. Development took 4 years from a specialist.

Richmond described the smell as “a mixture of gunpowder, roasted steak, raspberries and rum.” You can buy perfume at a price of $ 30. Product delivery will begin in October.

As stated on Kickstarter, the main goal of Eau de Space is to increase interest in STEM training. This is such an approach to the educational process, when the basis for the acquisition of knowledge is a simple and affordable visualization of scientific phenomena. Therefore, Eau de Space intends to donate another educational institution for each bottle of perfume purchased.