Windows drivers are broken

Windows 10 noticed a cyclical error with Intel driver updates. The complaints of users drew attention to the publication of Windows Latest.

According to publications on the Microsoft and Reddit forums, the system is trying to update Intel GPU software with an older driver. Users noticed that “something was broken” on Windows, because the OS is requesting an outdated version of the driver under number

“The system says that newer software has already been installed, but still tries to roll back to the old version of the driver,” one of the owners of the licensed copy of Windows 10 writes. According to users, the error leads to endless attempts by the system to install a nonexistent driver.

The company responded to complaints by advising users to clear the Update Center cache. To do this, Microsoft recommended finding the SoftwareDistribution section in the Windows system directory and deleting all folders from it. In some cases, manually removing the graphics hardware driver and rebooting the system can help.

Earlier, Microsoft recognized an error related to the disappearance of software connected to Windows printers. Users said that when connecting office equipment via a USB port and turning off the computer the next time the system starts, the system stops displaying third-party devices.