10 months ago

Windows error causes printers to disappear

10 months ago

Microsoft has recognized a problem with the disappearance of printers from Windows. The complaints of users drew attention to the publication BleepinComputer.

A hardware-related error occurred on Windows 10 in builds 1903 or earlier. If you connect the printer via USB, and then turn off the computer and release the connector from the wire, then the next time you turn on the Windows system, the OS will no longer detect the hardware. Affected users said that an unknown error leads to the removal of printers from the settings after turning on the computer.

On June 9, Microsoft confirmed the presence of a bug, noting that users of Windows 10 1903, Windows 10 1909, and Windows 10 2004 might encounter it. The company’s engineers talked about a temporary solution to the problem – to fix it, you need to remove the USB port of the printer, then turn off the OS, after turn on office equipment, and then start Windows. Microsoft said the bug will be fixed in one of the following system updates.

Journalists also noted that Microsoft recognized another problem related to external devices. In particular, users complained about turning off monitors while working with Microsoft Word and Whiteboard. The company’s specialists also promised to fix this bug.

In late May, Microsoft began deploying a new version of Windows to users’ computers. At the same time, the company’s engineers warned OS licensees that the update is unstable and can lead to critical errors.

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