Woke up a star: Bernie Sanders made $1.8 million thanks to mittens

Woke up a star: Bernie Sanders made $1.8 million thanks to mittens

Bernie Sanders earned almost two million dollars in a week, all thanks to a photo from Joe Biden’s inauguration. The American senator neglected the official dress code and came to the ceremony in a down jacket and knitted mittens. Which made him a true Internet star.

Nearly two million dollars a weekend – that’s the fee Senator Bernie Sanders from the lightning sale of himself as a souvenir to ordinary Americans. Tens of thousands of T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, mugs and other souvenirs were made with his image. By Monday morning, royalties to the brand’s author totaled one million, 800 thousand dollars. Sanders’ mittens from the presidential inauguration became the most expensive in the world, and also the most famous. Only the laziest has not beaten the famous photo on the Internet.

Now he’s on the news in the U.S. from every news outlet. The 79-year-old socialist senator eclipsed all the high-fashion people at this inauguration: both Barack Obama’s wife Michelle and even the most dressed-up singer there, Lady Gaga. And he didn’t do anything special. He just sat there with his mittens crossed and listened attentively to Joe Biden.

Those mittens stole the show, the designers and newsmakers joked. Journalists quickly tracked down the author of the clothing item. It was an elementary school teacher from Vermont, the senator’s home state.

“I took wool sweaters that were going to be thrown away, unraveled them and made eco-friendly mittens,” said Jen Ellis, who knitted the mittens for Sanders.

Sanders then wore those mittens to address voters – first in the 2016 presidential race, and then took them with him in the race for the presidency this season as well. He will turn 80 this year. But, as his fans have pointed out, he connects words much better than the victorious Joe Biden. He looked very convincing in the primaries and successfully led in several states. He spoke out against the gap between rich and poor and wealth inequality in the United States. True, he later withdrew his candidacy of his own free will. But the people still loved him, which he proved today.

The senator himself was so impressed by the grand success that he made an official statement to the American people.

“My wife Jane and I have been amazed at the creativity that people have shown over the last week. We are glad that we can use this online publicity to help the people of Vermont. But these funds cannot replace congressional action. I will do everything I can to make sure working people in Vermont and across the country get the help they need,” Bernie Sanders said.

Sanders said, Sanders did. Already today, all proceeds from his image have gone to the state of Vermont as a charitable contribution. But that’s just the beginning.

Now an all-wool Bernie Sanders is in the mix, too. Professional crocheter Toby King auctioned off the crocheted doll for $20,000. The toy ended up going under the hammer for $40,000. The proceeds, as well as her idol, a woman promised to spend on charity.