Woman first heads NASA manned space flight program

10 months ago

The United States National Aeronautics Administration (NASA) on Friday, June 12, announced the change of head of the program for manned space flights. Kathy Lueders (Kathy Lueders) will be the first woman in this position. This is written by the New York Post.

The appointment of Luders to the post announced the head of NASA James Brydenstein in his Twitter account. He noted that Luders is the right person to lead the program, as NASA is preparing to send astronauts to the moon. Previously, she led the space agency’s program to develop private manned spacecraft to deliver astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) – the Commercial Crew Program.

Douglas Loverro, the predecessor of Luders at the post, resigned a few days before the first launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft with the crew of the American company SpaceX to the ISS, which was the first manned spacecraft conducted by NASA since July 2011, the DW publication notes. After his departure, the launch of Crew Dragon was taken over by Luders. Neither Loverro nor the agency management commented on his unexpected resignation.

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