Woman sues Brad Pitt because he allegedly promised to marry her

The American sued the Hollywood star Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) filed for compensation in 100 thousand dollars, because they talked about marriage on the Internet.

Pitt is faced with an entirely new problem in the form of a lawsuit from Texas resident Kelly Christina, who claims that the actor reached out to her over the Internet for charitable purposes, but the communication has developed into a close personal relationship. So close that it was about marriage.

Pitt’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the claim, saying Christina herself admitted that she found out – in fact, she was not talking to Pitt. But the woman doesn’t back down so easily.

The fake Brad Pitt approached her to raise funds for the Make It Right Foundation through special invitations to planned events. But the deceiver was not associated with either the actor or the foundation. However, the American believes that she has every reason to receive compensation from the actor, since she was not only romantically deceived, but also transferred 40 thousand dollars to the swindler.